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Ceramic Coating Spray

Ceramic Coating Spray

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Product Description

Make your car shine like new with our Car Ceramic Coating. This advanced spray uses modern ceramic technology to keep your car cleaner for longer. It repels dust and dirt, making washing a breeze. AIVC provides tough protection against UV rays, weather, and pollutants, preventing paint fading and wear. After application, your car's paint will have a stunning, mirror-like finish. Keep your car looking its best effortlessly. Try AIVC Car Ceramic Coating today for a cleaner, shinier, and more protected ride!


  • Item Type: Polishes
  • Weight: 380g
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 5cm x 10cm
  • Model: SA32-D

Application Instructions:

  1. Clean and dry the car paint.
  2. Spray a small amount of coating solution and apply evenly with a sponge.
  3. After 3-8 minutes, gently wipe with a dry towel until translucent.

Note: For best results, avoid direct sunlight during application and ensure the surface is cool. Do not expose to rain within 2 hours; optimal results are achieved after 24 hours.

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